The Limit: A Review of the Slot

The unrestricted movement of people for the sake of labor, sightseeing, and cultural education would be greatly facilitated in a paradise where there were no borders, obstacles, passports, or visas. Put away your flower power fantasies and return to the more somber, or perhaps more realistic, reality of Nolimit City. In any case, this is just one more depressing example of an online slot machine. The Border is the name of the game, and the phrase “Hope can only get you so far” creates the mood.

The border between the United States of America and Mexico (external link) is perhaps one of the most well-known borders in the world, alongside the Korean Demilitarized Zone (external link). Wikipedia calls it “the most frequently crossed international boundary in the world,” and estimates that 350 million legal crossings take place annually over its 3,145 km length. Hundreds of miles of physical barriers have been installed in an effort to slow the flow of legal and illegal border-crossers. Obviously, the border elicits profound emotional responses, and this is what The Border online slot plays on.

The United States and Mexico do not have a wall along their whole border. The Rio Grande, for example, which flows innocuously between the two countries, serves as a natural boundary. Leave it everything behind and focus on The Border. The game’s location is a fortified compound that has been surrounded by barbed wire and other forms of heavy metal fencing. Despite the serious subject matter, Nolimit City has included some comedic touches that give the game a feel not dissimilar to that of San Quentin xWays. There’s also an allusion to deeper ideas like dominance and submission. Is it possible that we’re imagining things?

The Border is a 6×6 grid slot game that pays out for clusters of 5 or more of the same symbol in either the vertical or horizontal directions. Being a slot machine created by Nolimit City, its ‘high’ volatility rating may not come as much of a shock to players. Meanwhile, the RTP might range from a high of 96.17 percent to a low of 94.07 percent or 92.15 percent, depending on the location and the preferences of the user. Players can wager anywhere from 20 pence to £/€100 each spin on any device. You might also boost your wager by 50% and ensure a scatter symbol on the first reel by using the Boosted xRip feature. Keep in mind that when xRip is in effect, players will not get any payments for profits that are smaller than the initial wager.

When a winning cluster appears, it is collapsed and removed from the board, making way for new symbols to fill the empty spaces. The feature will activate again if a cluster of winning symbols occurs after the collapse unless a fresh win does not form. You may make clusters using the eight symbols provided by the border. There are scorpions, snakes, vultures, and five separate character symbols, in that order, representing progressively higher values. The payout for a standard cluster of five of a type is 0.2 to 1 times the wager, while the payout for a cluster of 160 or more is 553.85 to 2214 times the wager. Aren’t those clusters rather large for a 6×6 grid? Let’s investigate how we could reach those goals.

The Limit: Slot Characteristics

Cascades, xWays, xSplit, xBomb Wilds, Mule Spins, Coyote Spins, xCluster, xNudge Cluster Wilds, and bonus buys are just a few of the features you’ll find in The Border. In addition, wilds can always act as a replacement for the standard pay symbols.


xWays symbols can duplicate themselves up to four times, turning into two standard pay symbols. All xWays symbols will change into the same pay sign if more than one lands. xWays can link additional neighboring symbols by landing as either two full-size symbols or four half-size symbols.

On reels 2-6, xSplits appear, splitting all symbols to the left of them to create two of each symbol (including scatters) and turning into a wild. If several xSplits fall on the same row, the number of split symbols is indicated by the xMultilpier value, which can be up to x64.

If they’re in a winning cluster, xNudge Cluster Wilds will nudge up or down. If it tips over an additional symbol, your winnings will be multiplied by 1. The value of the symbol’s xMultilpier attribute is added to the win multiplier if it exists. When an xNudge Cluster Wild is split by an xSplit, it first adds its own multiplier to the win multiplier before considering the xSplit’s multiplier.

When xBomb Wilds explode, they wipe out all neighboring symbols (apart from other xBomb Wilds) and boost the win multiplier by a factor of one for the subsequent collapse. When an xBomb Wild explodes, the amount of fragments it creates becomes the win multiplier for the subsequent collapse.

The xCluster feature, which boosts the win multiplier by +1 for each unique symbol cluster beginning with the second, is exclusive to free spins and activated when 2 or more distinct clusters of symbols occur in the same avalanche.

Bonus Turns

When 6 scatters appear, 10 Mule Spins are awarded. Cluster symbols on the same reel are infected by xWays before xSplit or xNudge kick in when it’s part of a winning cluster. By exposing either 2 or 4 symbols, xWays causes additional symbols to also divide into sets of 2. Coyote Spins are activated when three or more scatters appear, and each additional scatter activates two bonus spins.

A total of 12 Coyote Spins will be awarded when 7 Scatters appear, with an additional 2 Spins awarded for each subsequent Scatter. All cluster symbols are now potentially infected by xWays symbols, as was the case before. In addition, the value of an xBomb’s multiplier is applied to any unexploded xMultilpier symbols. In the absence of a multiplier, xBombs have a +1 effect. The win multiplier does not reset during Coyote Spins.

City of Limitless Bonuses

The Nolimit City Bonus menu may be accessed by tapping the star icon in locations where it is present. Players may get Mule Free Spins (RTP 96.32%) for 98x the wager, or they can purchase Coyote Free Spins (RTP 96.03%) for 914x the stake. The third feature, Lucky Dip, costs 506 times the initial wager for a chance to win either Mule Spins or Coyote Spins (both with an RTP of 96.05%).

Judgment on Slots at the Border

The Border is a typical Nolimit City game. From using a topic that its rivals would never touch to loading the interface to the gills with features that blend together like tequila and salt, this game has it all. However, it’s not surprising that The Border is a challenging video game; as the developers at Nolimit City put it in their trademark satirical style, “Don’t underestimate the power of this wall – Most end up being the vulture’s evening feed.” It’s quite unlikely that any studio would ever consider making a film like that, let alone really go through with it. The good news is that Nolimit City’s nonconformist attitude isn’t an attempt to garner attention or laughs. The studio’s daring spirit permeates its games, which often explore territory where others refuse to go.

The Border is characteristic of this trend in that it is filled to the gills with features. After being conspicuously absent from Road Rage, the xMechanics have returned in full force to cause mayhem by dividing, nudging, bombing, waying, multiplying, and a thousand other forms of mayhem. The Border is the first “real cluster game,” and as such, it has a lot to offer to anyone who enjoy this genre. The events of The Border might have been foreshadowed in earlier Nolimit City publications, but never before in tandem with a cluster-based payment structure. It’s understandable that the game’s events could seem convoluted or even impossible to follow at first, but a lengthy playthrough should smooth things out and make everything clear. The correct xWay, a nice cluster, and a great win multiplier may provide insane single-spin outcomes, much as other Nolimit City high-fliers do when they get their splits on. Even if The Border isn’t one of the studio’s biggest moneymakers, it may nevertheless return up to 44,288 times your wager. As they say on YouTube, “comment down below” if you have any ideas regarding what that number may possibly allude to.

After being thrown for a loop by Road Rage, players may get back on track with The Border, an older title from Nolimit City that makes them think of the developer sticking two fingers up at the establishment as they drop coins into a machine they’ve labeled “unwinnable.” While attacking a border may lead to fame or being eaten alive by vultures, navigating The Border is not impossible.






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