Mike ‘Timex’ McDonald Poker Strategy

Mike ‘Timex’ McDonald is presumably as near the poker rendition of ‘youngster wonder’ model as we will get. He brought home his most memorable EPT championship at 18 years old and in 2014 in the wake of completing in the runner up at the PCA Headliner he barely botched his opportunity at turning into the main player to at any point come out on top for two EPT championships (this title in the long run went to the incredibly capable Victoria Coren Mitchell).

Timex is 27 years of age now and keeping in mind that he has no WSOP or WPT titles to his name, his astonishing EPT results joined with amazing web-based history and 28th put on the Unequaled Cash Rundown with more than $13,000,000 in competition rewards, absolutely place him among the best players in the game at the present time.

The Force of Persistence

We will investigate Mike McDonald’s procedure utilizing 15 minutes in length YouTube assemblage connected previously. The main thing that comes into view in the wake of watching it, is the way that it just holds back four hands while the arrangements highlighting different players would frequently contain one to three additional hands in a similar measure of time. The appropriately named “Timex” likes to take as much time as necessary, and his emotionless disposition at the poker table joined with signature contemptuous looks are maybe one reason for his prosperity.

Preflop activity in the direct of the video was genuinely standard. Seidel made a strong open raise and got two sensible calls from Mike’s 87s and John’s J9s. Starting raiser justifiably chose to dial back on a 6dJd5s board which permitted McDonald to take the wagering lead and attempt to use his mix of pot and overlay value. Juanda chose for call with his top pair and indirect access draw.

Five of precious stones on the turn might have made numerous different players delayed down however Mike remembered it for an extraordinary panic card that it was and settled to press the issue with one more wagered. McDonald obstructed a lot of draw mixes and considering how wide John’s pre-flop reach ought to be, Mike was genuinely open to putting him on a medium strength made hand, particularly in light of the fact that he declined to raise the failure which he’d without a doubt do with some beast made hands and combo draw.

Ruler of hearts on the turn was another horrible cards for Juandas saw range which permitted Timex to bring the pot down with well estimated half-pot stream feign.

A recycled comes from the previously mentioned 2014 PCA Headliner which finished up with an incredible head’s up fight between Mike ‘Timex’ McDonald and clean master Dominik Panka. The hand started with a somewhat free however strong open with 85c from McDonald and a similarly strong 3bet with KTd by Panka. After Timex chose to call we saw the Ah4c9c load up kept by a guideline cbet by Dominik and one more call by McDonald. Panka got a second pair on the turn and chose to proceed with the hostility which was completely justifiable in a heads up poker setting where could hope to get compensated by many more regrettable hands.

Jack of precious stones on the waterway exacerbated the spot for Panka who chose to check and Timex quickly seized the chance to transform his hand into a feign. Despite the fact that Mike is as yet a youthful player, his gigantic measure of involvement permitted him to sort out precisely where his rival was in the hand and make an overall gamble free, exceptionally +EV feign that Panka doesn’t actually have an extraordinary response to in this specific spot given how it doesn’t seem OK for him to dial back on the waterway with the highest point of his reach and the medium part can’t actually stand the intensity on this surface.

Hand number three highlighted a to some degree unconventional cbet/3bet line with a top pair by Mike. Subsequent to opening the button with KTo and making a standard worth cbet on a Ks8c3s load up Timex chose to go over Schemion’s lemon raise which lets us know two or three things. Timex, most importantly, doesn’t avoid surprising lines on the off chance that the circumstance calls for it, second of all he’s ready to make outrageous changes in view of table elements and table history given how relying upon his rival’s procedure this might’ve been a worth raise or even an undeniably feign (with previous being substantially more logical). Abnormal lines like this cbet/3bet with the top pair are much of the time what separates strong processors from genuinely outstanding players.

What’s more, finally, we should momentarily discuss Daniel Negreanu’s response to Mike’s mark ‘contemptuous look’ in the last hand. While certain fans find McDonald’s conduct irritating it’s truly difficult to contend with the outcomes and on the off chance that you’re ready to bother an accomplished person like Daniel – and score yourself a path of least resistance from a 3bet pot simultaneously – it’s really clear you’re ever figuring things out.






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