How do I, or my faith community, take part in Freedom Sunday? 

This year, Freedom Sunday will be observed on the Sunday 15th October. On this date, we invite global faith communities to come together in worship and action against human trafficking. To get involved, you can download a Freedom Sunday Resource Pack, which is full of suggestions and tips for how you and your faith community can participate.

Why Sunday 15th October? 

Freedom Sunday is being held on Sunday 15th October to coincide with European Anti-Slavery Day, which is celebrated on Wednesday 18th October. But you are welcome to pick any day that works for you. Freedom Sunday can be observed any Sunday of the year. If you are unable to participate on this date, then please pick a day that suits your faith community better.

What do we need to do to participate in Freedom Sunday? 

The only expectation for your faith community’s participation in Freedom Sunday is that they use worship, prayer and community action to create significant engagement with the issue of human trafficking and modern slavery, and how we can stop it.

Is there a specific liturgy or order of service for Freedom Sunday? 

No. In the Freedom Sunday Resource Pack, you will find materials and suggestions of how you may wish to celebrate Freedom Sunday, but these are only suggestions and your community is not obligated to use them. It is important that you use what works best and makes most sense for your faith community.

Do I have to pay for the Freedom Sunday resource pack? 

No. There is absolutely no cost to taking part in Freedom Sunday. If you are interested in how you can contribute financially towards anti-trafficking work, please check the websites of our steering group for how you can help.

Is there a children’s resource for 2017?

Not yet! But there will be. Please bear with us while we create 2017’s children’s resource. If you like, you could take a look at 2016’s children’s resource and see if it would work for you.

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